Desiring Gifts And Pursuing God

I want to share some thoughts about desiring spiritual gifts over the upcoming days and weeks.  Hebrews 5:14 says, “But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.”  I often teach that in the same way we have 5 physical senses, we also have 5 spiritual senses.  Meaning those same physical senses exist in the spirit realm as well.  So just as we can train and strengthen physical senses and muscles, we can also strengthen our spiritual senses by using them.  So today, I will begin to examine one of several points on some questions many of us may have. “How can I become more proficient in operating in the gifts?”  “How can I begin to hear God or hear him more often, or more easily?”

“But earnestly desire the greater gifts…..” 1 Corinthians 12:3

“Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts…..” 1 Corinthians 14:1

Our relationship with God is the most important pursuit we can have in this life.  And I believe even as sincere Christians we can at times still miss this point.  In the same way that people can let their life’s pursuit be money, career, materialism, or a person rather than putting the pursuit of God as greatest importance.  So can the Christian let their life’s pursuit be about the gifts of God rather than the relationship with God Himself. 

Think about it for a moment, a home, career, spouse and other things are not bad things in itself, their actually wonderful things.  But apart from a relationship with God that has depth, they are all “vanity and grasping after the wind” (Ecclesiastes 2:11).  Those are great things but they won’t fill us.  At best all they will do is make us feel good for a moment and we will be left with the void we began with, then reach for the next thing we feel may fill it. 

It’s the same thing in the life of the Believer.  So many can get their Identity and purpose from what they do that it causes them to constantly strive for acceptance and inward stability.  We can get so wrapped up in getting more gifting, anointing, or power we actually miss the very thing that brings what we desire so much. And if we’re not diligent in our hearts pursuit we can find ourselves seeking the gifts of God over the Giver of the gifts.  

I believe in the gifts of Holy Spirit but they come from a relationship with Father.  Yes, Paul said to desire spiritual gifts but the Bible’s teachings always come out of an understanding of relationship with God.  We should desire spiritual gifts but above all we should pursue God and grow in intimacy and fellowship with the Lord.  

For a good many who are reading this, you don’t need more of God, He needs more of you.  You should start soaking in His presence, you should start being intentional with daily worship of the King, you should just take your rest in God and “listen.”  Give Him the opportunity to grow and deepen you. Then the fruit and gifts of Holy Spirit will begin to flow out of that. 

If we deepen our relationship and intimacy with Holy Spirit there will be a natural flow of God’s gifts in our lives

In our next blog we will discuss common hinderances to operating in the gifts.  If there are any questions you would like to be addressed concerning this subject please feel free to email us at PastorJustin@BrandonAssembly.LIFE

Pastor Justin

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