Friday, April 12, 2024

Missions: FREE International

Jody & Wendy Dyess

Directors Of Student Awareness For FREE International

A Message Of Hope

F.R.E.E. International has established a national reputation for collaboration, working with a variety of government agencies, the faith community and other nonprofits working for the same cause, and for our high level of coordination, bringing people from all different areas and uniting them in the tasks at hand in the fight against modern-day slavery.

Now headquartered in Las Vegas, they specialize in training communities all across the nation to identify human trafficking and fight it with education as well as providing survivor support. We also specialize in helping survivors rebuild their lives by meeting practical needs, providing legal help and connecting them with a variety of vital resources. 

Jody began working with students on a volunteer basis in his hometown of Meridian Mississippi.  For the last 20 years, the desire to see young men and women succeed in life has only continued to grow.  Though the avenues have changed over time, the purpose has always remained the same; to reach into the high school and middle school campuses of America with a message of hope.

Jody and his wife have traveled the roads of Mississippi and Louisiana for 10 years, providing school assembly programs to both challenge and motivate the student population that there is more than today.

Jody and his wife Wendy are the Directors of Student Awareness with FREE International. Jody and Wendy live in Brandon, Mississippi. They have two grown daughters and a grandson that they would love to tell you about.

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