Friday, April 12, 2024

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Below is a link that will take you to Shiloh Place Ministries’ downloadable resources. These resources are free and have been a great help to many.

Shiloh Place Ministries

Shiloh Place was birthed in 1991 from Jack and Trisha Frost’s shared vision to create an environment where leaders could come and be safe. Later they formed a small group with three other couples where shared values would help bring healing to their lives and marriages. This group saw such change in their relationships and families that it overflowed to others, both leaders and churches. In 1996 Jack received a revelation of Father God’s love that first impacted and transformed his family. As he began to share this testimony, and the lessons the family learned, Shiloh Place grew into a ministry of influence. Since that time individuals, families, churches and leaders all over the world have continued experiencing Father’s love. Even more, they are becoming influences of change in their families, churches, and communities. God has added many to that small group and today their ministry team numbers more than 80 people.

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