Friday, April 12, 2024

Missions: Asia, China

The Church In A Hostile Nation

China has one of the fastest growing Christian populations in the world. The Church is growing rapidly in the country. However, conditions there have never been easy for foreign missionaries. Spreading the Gospel in China hasn't been an easy task, as persecution of Christians in the country has been well documented and an ongoing concern.

Spreading The Light In A Dark Place

Missionaries are not allowed in China, so many enter the country as a worker of some other secular occupation. But privately, those individuals will teach the Bible and share the Gospel to create citywide Christianity movements.

We at Brandon Assembly support mission work to China. However, we are unable to release the names and locations of those missionaries. This is due to us wanting to protect their identity for their protection. Being discovered in China to be a missionary can result in deportation, imprisonment, or even extreme persecution.

Join us as we support and pray for those in the mission fields of China.

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